Cultivation Classic Sun-grown craft cannabis Competition

It is the most scientifically rigorous competition for craft cannabis grown in Oregon.

The organizers celebrate producers who cultivate with the planet and people in mind.

They pair steady lab outcomes with unbiased, mindful opinions from their diverse team of evaluators.

They fuel innovation with the aid of presenting data-driven findings to change the consumer market, and by recognizing much more than simply historically popular weed.

If you are looking for the fine sun-grown cannabis in Oregon, you will find it right in Southern Oregon.

That reality became apparent after Southern Oregon cannabis farmers swept the sun-grown categories at the annual Cultivation Classic in Portland and additionally took home all of the hemp awards, a terpene award, the Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award, and the Credible Cultivar Award.

The fourth annual Cultivation Classic, a two-day event that celebrates Oregon’s craft cannabis producers, took place May 18-19 at Revolution Hall, with activities all over Portland.

The event culminates with an awards ceremony, and this year Southern Oregon growers made their presence known. There have been 150 entries of organic cannabis, with a hundred and fifty judges spending 30 days evaluating the submissions.

How the judging works

The judging technique for the competition makes use of what organizers call a double-blind system. “When a judge opens their kit, they obtain little glass jars with flower and an entry ID number,” said Staph Barnhart, program director of the Cultivation Classic. “You understand nothing; you don’t comprehend the potency, the terpene profile, the strain name, which grew it. We do that to do away with bias.”

It also allows judges to tune into their physical experience without preconceived bias.

The second blind is for data collection. The people who do the evaluation of the facts do not have access to any information that would reveal the cultivar.

The winners of Cultivation Classic’s Light Type or Plant Type categories mathematically determined by a weighted combination of subjective likability ratings from judges, aroma score, and quality control evaluate and farm/facility energy efficiency.

Using a scale of 1-7, with 1 being an awful experience and 7 being incredible, judges rated how much they enjoyed the aroma, the cultivar’s overall desirability, and how a whole lot they liked the way the strain made them feel.

Aside from the complex science and judges’ preferences, the Cultivation Classic is an opportunity for growers throughout the state to acknowledge and celebrate the work they do and the flower they grow.

In my opinion, the Cultivation Classic is one of the only genuine competitions that are out there. It is very data-driven. It feels more authentic. It is education-focused. They bring in brilliant people inside and outside the industry to add to the conversation.