Facts About Sativa Vs. Indica Cannabis Strains That You Should Know

Cannabis is a group of plants that have psychoactive effects on people. It has three main strains – Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Sativa vs. Indica Cannabis strains have become the primary focus in most research due to the abundance of cannabinoids (active ingredients). Cannabis ruderalis has few flowers with low levels of THC; hence it is rarely cultivated.

Below is an in-depth analysis of the two major strains to help you get some insight. This will help you differentiate them physically and based on the produced effects. 

Cannabis sativa

The first step to differentiating the Sativa vs. Indica Cannabis strains is to look closely at their physical appearance. The sativa strain is tall and can grow up to 5-18 feet tall. It is slim in thickness; the leaves are narrow just like the plant, and long. This depicts that they thrive mainly in tropical climatic conditions.

Cannabis sativa is believed to have an energizing effect on the user. This makes consumers prefer using it during the day. It also helps in staying focused on activities and projects at hand. The user is alert, and their creativity is enhanced. This leads to an increase in productivity. It also has a euphoric effect on the consumer.

The effects discussed above of the sativa strain make the medical field prefer it to reduce anxiety in patients and manage stress. Patients with attention disorders can use it to their advantage. It is also used in the treatment of depression as it stimulates serotonin production, which gives the consumer a feeling of well-being and stabilizes their mood.

Cannabis indica

This strain of cannabis is relatively short and can grow up to 2-4feet. It has more branches that are compact, making it appear bushy. The leaves follow the characteristics of the plant. They are broad and short in appearance and survive mainly in cooler environments.

One of its effects is believed to have includes deep relaxation, making it more suitable for the nighttime when the activities are minimal. That is a significant difference in Sativa vs. Indica Cannabis strains effects. It also stimulates the user’s appetite.

The above effects have made it possible for doctors to use the indica strain to manage pain (mild or moderate). It is also used in the treatment of insomnia as it helps those who have difficulty falling asleep. It reduces nausea and improves appetite in those with eating disorders.

Potential adverse effects and reactions

It is vital to note that the effects of Sativa vs. Indica Cannabis strains depend on the abundant cannabinoids (THC or CBD). Some of the side effects experienced include paranoia, dizziness, dry eyes and mouth, and lethargy.


 As much as the cannabis strains have desired benefits, they also produce unwanted effects. Now that you have the facts at your disposal, you can make an informed decision about using either of the strains.

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How to Package and Carry Cannabis

Weed labeling and packaging is an essential factor in preventing the diversion of weed products to minors. Weed previously was packaged like any other prescription drug. It was put in non-descript cylindrical pill bottles. Though it helped to reduce cases of children who suffered from drug-related accidents, it created another new problem. Parents removed the weed from dispensary opaque pouches and placed them at accessible locations. 

The packaging and carrying of weed is not quite a simple task. The product packaging needs to be child-resistant and designed attractively. Therefore, there is a need to create new unique packaging solutions that can help ease the movement of weed without colliding with the authorized restrictions. 

Thus packaging needs to meet the following goals; 

  1. Compliance. Your packaging and carrying of weed should be able to be as per the state rules 
  1. Efficiency. The material used in packaging should be easily obtainable and readily usable. 
  1. Environmental sustainability. The material should be eco-friendly. 

Having the above-mentioned goals in mind, the following are the best types of packaging weed. 

  1. RIgid cannabis packaging type 

These are containers whose structure is non-flexible and hard made of materials such as glass or metal. These hard materials provide marijuana with mechanical protection. They include; 

Glass jars and smell proof barrier bags 

Cannabis flower is one of the popular forms of weed consumption. The marijuana bud is delicate hence it requires quality packaging for the preservation of its energy and vigor. The opaque weed jars are good at blocking sunlight rays. This helps to protect the quality of the flower inside. The smell-proof barrier bags helps in keeping out toxic moisture and air. 

Pre-roll blunt tubes  

These are quality FDA-approved plastic and glass containers ideal for packaging weed joints, blunts, and spliffs. These tubes are gusseted weed bags that are child-resistant thick-walled concentrate bags.  

Calyx containers 

Consistent weed quality is a key matter. Calyx container prevents moisture loss and terpene degradation that ensures your weed can be packaged and carried for long distances without losing quality. The Calyx container even though is clear, protects your weed from the damaging effects of direct sunlight by blocking UV light. The container is less expensive and more beneficial. 

PP plastic Thick Wall Jars 

These jars have thicker walls which imply that there a fewer damages and messes. The jars have the look of frosted glass which enhances the perceived value of your product. Thus your weed will be in safety protection. 

  1. Flexible cannabis packaging 

These packages are made of flexible materials. When they are sealed the containers may change in shape. They include containers such as wraps, envelopes, pouches. 

These containers are readily available. They are not prone to breakages and contamination. They are relatively lightweight and cheaper to move transport than other rigid containers. 

Parchment paper is an example of flexible packaging that is ideal for marijuana concentrates packaging. It has a silicone surface that does not let oils stick to it. It does tear when being moved around. 

Weed requires efficient packaging of the product to prevent bruises and quality deterioration. Therefore one should be aware of the form of packaging to use. It should allow for the weed to be carried around effectively.


The new cannabis edibles for 2021 is impacting the world economy in different ways. Cannabis edibles are also known as cannabis-infused food. In America, the use of cannabis-infused food has become popular. These edibles contain a significant amount of THC that can perform the following: induce relaxation, euphoria, increases appetite, fatigue, and relaxation buy more at this link

Cannabis edibles are in form of baked goods like cookies, brownies, cakes, chocolate bars, etc. In Canada, there are various cookies and chocolates which have marijuana, e.g. Chowie Wowie chocolate, Chowie Wowie Gummies, Bean and Bud Chocolates, Tweed Milk Chocolates, Olli Butter Cookies, etc. According to recent statistics, these edibles make up around 13% of cannabis product purchases.  

The new cannabis edibles for 2021 are taking the world in different directions. Many people are starting to adopt the use of these products due to their medical and recreational purposes. In Illinois and other states in America, they have already been legalized. The following is the impact of new cannabis Edibles for 2021 in the economy: 

  1. Increased sales – Because there is a steady increase in the use of these products in the world, and a more diverse range of customers especially females have greatly enhanced sales increases. In July 2021 alone, the sale of Cannabis-infused foods were over 4 million US dollars. The projected sales by the end of 2021 are expected to be 14 billion U.S. dollars. 
  1. Wages paid to cannabis companies employees – This benefits so many other local businesses. When these employees are paid, they normally spend their wages to purchase goods and services in other industries like restaurants, clothing companies, chain stores, etc. This helps in money circulation and boosts the cash-flows of these other industries. Their employee’s welfare is also boosted. 
  1. Payment of local taxes – These companies that deal in cannabis edibles sales also pay local taxes to their local government. This will help the government to undertake other development activities in the area and boosts their economy. 
  1. Generation of real estates and construction  New cannabis edible business will generate real estate and construction activities in their areas of operation. This will boost the economy of the area in the year 2021. 

Factors that have made Cannabis edibles businesses flourish in 2021 includes: 

  1. The legalization movement has grown stronger – Legal activists have continued to campaign for its legalization. Over 10 states in America alone have been legalized and a push is being done to legalize others. 
  1. The new cannabis edibles are available in many varieties. More people are getting more choices to choose from, and this makes them move from traditional edibles to cannabis edibles. 
  1. Increased in funding – Cannabis businesses are now being funded by the local government especially in America. Though at the federal level this has not been initiated, there is a push for the federal government to start funding these types of businesses. 

The legalization of new cannabis edibles in many states and provinces will boost the economies of those areas in the year 2021. not only local businesses will boost their income and improve the living standard of their employees, but will also increase the local government taxes and this will help greatly in boosting that area’s economy. 

Disadvantages of Cannabis During Corona virus

Many people usually argue that marijuana has many advantages compared to the disadvantages. This however has been negated by may scientific researchers on the adverse impacts of the drug to the health factor. People use that argument to convince those who highly criticize the consumption of cannabis. Weed smokers will tend to stick to the moderated consumption and hence according to them, the event of abuse may hardly occur. This however is not the literal situation. There are many people on the ground who are not able to do without the drug due to addiction. During this moment, when people are under siege of Corona virus pandemic, weed has become extremely prone to abuse. Many people consider bhang as beneficial mainly because its effects are experienced after a long-term. Although marijuana is sought after because of its health benefits, it does not mean it is totally useful. It has adverse effects which are hazardous to the body, and the immune system at large.Some disadvantages of weed include the following: 

Acute headaches 

Frequent consumers of bhang may experience migraine more often.At times when a person is keenly observant to a cannabis smoker, they will notice that such people take marijuana and go directly to sleep to nurse their headache which accompanies the feelings of getting high. Continued headache results to dizziness which may send a person to the ground. It becomes so serious that it may be fatal. 

Uncontrolled appetite 

People who smoke cannabis suffer from uncontrolled appetite. This is because the bhang gets into the brain veins and alters eating patterns, and trigger untimely hunger. Literally, weed smokers are known to consume a lot of food and are subject to insatiable appetite. Eating with the time consideration may definitely lead to digestion problems. Such people grow thin because much of the food they eat is wasted due to constipation. 

Heart attack 

Those who take marijuana risk contracting heart attack. This is because, bhang increases the heart rate in which one can get heart attack. The risk is high, especially within one hour after smoking. Anyone can experience the disease even if they are not sufferers of the disease. 

Respiratory problems 

Marijuana contains a substance that harms the respiratory system. The smokes released when a person is smoking bhang is toxic to the lungs. Continuous smoking may infect the lungs resulting to outbreak of respiratory infections such as coughing which, when not controlled may advance to tuberculosis. 

Psychological disorders 

Prolonged use of bhang leads to damage memory. This leads to a condition where person cannot make informed decisions because their analytical skills are completely lost. It is at this point where a victim of marijuana is rendered mentally challenged and if not taken to rehabilitation centers, they may run mad. 

It is therefore, clearing that cannabis intake may be extremely harmful when not controlled. People should ensure they take precautionary measures to evade the negative effects of bhang. This will also help to avoid addiction. 

Top 5 Strategies for Effective Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis, also known as marijuana is a widely known weed used by most people for recreation and pleasure. Moreover, medical specialists use the plant for medicinal purposes purple candy kush. Due to its higher demand by people for fun, enjoyment and medicinal uses, Cannabis has proved to be one of the most marketed goods around the world. For successful marijuana sales, below are the best five strategies to use. 

1Understand all the logistics 

Get to know all you need for significant sales of marijuana. In this case, one should focus on large scale production rather than small scale. Just like other crops, risks, and uncertainties are common when dealing with marijuana. Therefore, having a higher budget can assure someone good sales of their weed despite the management costs. Another part that one should be thoroughly familiar with is the hygiene and ecological issues related to marijuana. Taking all this information into account, one has a very operational cannabis market. 

2. Be a Consistent Seller 

Maintaining clients is an essential strategy that every seller who is willing to be successful should have. Since marijuana is an addictive and very beneficial product to the consumers; the seller should make sure that they deliver the product consistently. One day failure to supply the weed can lead to a massive loss since clients might choose to find another solution. 

3. Balance Technical abilities and Communication skills  

For better sales of Cannabis, the seller should be well informed in terms of growing and selling the weed. In most cases, there are farmers and sellers in the marijuana world. So, if the farmer does not know the selling language, the sales might lower. It is because when clients flow is enormous, they might be forced to take part in auctions. Also, they should sell the weed to the locals who require it. It is crucial, therefore, to understand both the selling language and growing basics for cannabis marketing to be successful.  

4. Distinguish between Friends and Customers clearly 

The worst thing in weed dealing business is failing to have a distinction between friends and clients. Of course, friends can be the best customers for your business, but if you do not take care, you can go broke very fast. It happens when they start requesting for credits, and they hold your money for some time delaying the supply of the weed. Therefore, maintain a clear distinction between customers and friends for an active cannabis market. 

5. Choose the right Place to Operate Your Business 

Since marijuana is not fashionable to all people, it is wise to find a secretive and conducive place to grow and sell it. Otherwise, it will attract spies and cops, which might lead to detaining, leading to a failed market. Thus, for a serious cannabis dealer, seeking the right place to grow and mart the product is a necessity. 

Every business person starts a business with the hope of being successful. For those who are willing to manoeuvre effectively in cannabis marketing, the above five strategies can suit them to attain their dream sales. They have been proven since several people have made it by using them.