Why of taking marijuana online

They both have risks and importance when applied. Taking an example of tobacco, its smoke should not be taken in from the products that it manufactures such as cigars. For marijuana, there are some benefits when inhaled as it contains cannabinoids. When drugs like marijuana are legalized, they are supplied for consumers to buy. They use this drug by either smoking it eating it or even vaping it. 

A person breathes in various chemical substances from aerosols by use of an e-cigarette or a similar device. Drugs that are vaped include nicotine. Vaping has been discovered to be dominant in young youths. Vaping is not that much better than smoking as many people thinks. A lot of people believe that vaping is not risky something that is not correct. Truth be told that it has dangerous to the body too. It is only known to be least dangerous than smoking. 

As for a smoking person, seven thousand chemicals are taken in which is quite a larger number of consumed chemicals compared to another person who is vaping. Liquids that are vaped have lesser dangerous substances than cigars and cigarettes. 


  • The dose of nicotine in e-cigarettes is big and therefore interferes with brain development in unborn babies when pregnant mothers use it, in teenagers and also children. 
  • Children and adults are at high risk if they take in the vapor formed by the liquids. It can not only affect them by swallowing but also by penetrating through the skin. 
  • Vaping is going to be a norm as smoking is since it is becoming dominant. 
  • There are chemicals such as those causing cancer, volatile organic compounds, diacetyl and metals which are heavy that are very dangerous to one’s health. 
  • Lungs are greatly affected by long time vaping. 
  • The immune system is affected leading to abnormality to fight diseases. 

There was a vitamin called E-Acetate which was removed from products that are vaped and this has saved many lives as compared to when it was present. The number of people who died when it was being included was very large. 


  • Affects the normal functioning of many body parts. 
  • The person smoking is of high risk to dying faster. 
  • Most lung cancer is caused by smoking leading to death. 
  • Other diseases are likely to take effect some of them being diseases of the heart, more prone to health conditions and also stroke. 
  • The number of sperms in men reduces as time goes by when one is smoking. 
  • The ability of the body to fight diseases is greatly affected as the immune system is affected. 
  • Arteries and veins may block. 
  • Users are likely to experience asthma. 
  • The whole-body organs are affected greatly leading to abnormal functioning of the body and this may cause death. 

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