How to Package and Carry Cannabis

Weed labeling and packaging is an essential factor in preventing the diversion of weed products to minors. Weed previously was packaged like any other prescription drug. It was put in non-descript cylindrical pill bottles. Though it helped to reduce cases of children who suffered from drug-related accidents, it created another new problem. Parents removed the weed from dispensary opaque pouches and placed them at accessible locations. 

The packaging and carrying of weed is not quite a simple task. The product packaging needs to be child-resistant and designed attractively. Therefore, there is a need to create new unique packaging solutions that can help ease the movement of weed without colliding with the authorized restrictions. 

Thus packaging needs to meet the following goals; 

  1. Compliance. Your packaging and carrying of weed should be able to be as per the state rules 
  1. Efficiency. The material used in packaging should be easily obtainable and readily usable. 
  1. Environmental sustainability. The material should be eco-friendly. 

Having the above-mentioned goals in mind, the following are the best types of packaging weed. 

  1. RIgid cannabis packaging type 

These are containers whose structure is non-flexible and hard made of materials such as glass or metal. These hard materials provide marijuana with mechanical protection. They include; 

Glass jars and smell proof barrier bags 

Cannabis flower is one of the popular forms of weed consumption. The marijuana bud is delicate hence it requires quality packaging for the preservation of its energy and vigor. The opaque weed jars are good at blocking sunlight rays. This helps to protect the quality of the flower inside. The smell-proof barrier bags helps in keeping out toxic moisture and air. 

Pre-roll blunt tubes  

These are quality FDA-approved plastic and glass containers ideal for packaging weed joints, blunts, and spliffs. These tubes are gusseted weed bags that are child-resistant thick-walled concentrate bags.  

Calyx containers 

Consistent weed quality is a key matter. Calyx container prevents moisture loss and terpene degradation that ensures your weed can be packaged and carried for long distances without losing quality. The Calyx container even though is clear, protects your weed from the damaging effects of direct sunlight by blocking UV light. The container is less expensive and more beneficial. 

PP plastic Thick Wall Jars 

These jars have thicker walls which imply that there a fewer damages and messes. The jars have the look of frosted glass which enhances the perceived value of your product. Thus your weed will be in safety protection. 

  1. Flexible cannabis packaging 

These packages are made of flexible materials. When they are sealed the containers may change in shape. They include containers such as wraps, envelopes, pouches. 

These containers are readily available. They are not prone to breakages and contamination. They are relatively lightweight and cheaper to move transport than other rigid containers. 

Parchment paper is an example of flexible packaging that is ideal for marijuana concentrates packaging. It has a silicone surface that does not let oils stick to it. It does tear when being moved around. 

Weed requires efficient packaging of the product to prevent bruises and quality deterioration. Therefore one should be aware of the form of packaging to use. It should allow for the weed to be carried around effectively.