5 Dangers of THC Edibles That You Need to be Aware of

As the number of states legalizing marijuana increases, more and more people are using it for recreational as well as for health purposes. Eating marijuana too is increasing in popularity. Some users prefer not to smoke it; they consider eating a more discreet option. However, there are dangers of THC edibles that you need to be aware of. 

What are THC Edibles? 

THC is the short form of tetrahydrocannabinol. Marijuana is composed of active compounds, and THC is one of them. It is the compound that contains psychoactive properties responsible for taking users on a ‘high’ and giving them a feeling of euphoria. 

What Foods Contain THC Edibles? 

Almost any type of food can be infused with marijuana, including beverages, cookies, and other baked goods. Moreover, cooking oil that contains the edibles is also available and it is used for frying food. 

Dangers of THC Edibles That You Need to be Aware of 

There are side effects associated with most drugs, and THC edibles are no different. The 5 main dangers that you need to be alert to are: 


The Effects of THC Edibles are not Immediately Manifest 

THC edibles when ingested go through the process of digestion and absorption. The liver converts THC to a more intense form of the compound which has a stronger effect. 

Due to the lengthy digestive process, this means that the effects of the edible can take up to 3 hours to be felt, hence there is a danger of overdosing on the drug in the belief that is not working.  


It is Difficult to Predict the Outcome of Usage 

The effect of THC edibles differs from person to person; there are no standard reactions. The outcome depends on the type and quality of the edible in use, your body chemistry, and the amount you have consumed. This causes anxiety in new users. 


It is Impossible to Determine the Exact Level of Cannabis Present in a product 

At present, companies producing THC edibles are not regulated, therefore it is difficult to verify the quantity and quality of the product that you are consuming. Therefore, you risk exceeding the recommended limits. Also, there is a danger of experiencing an allergic reaction. 


There is a Danger of Accidental Ingestion 

A danger of THC edibles that you need to be aware of lies in the fact that edibles are usually presented in attractive food items such as chocolates, brownies, and ice cream. These are irresistible to children and pets. If improperly stored, this can result in accidental ingestion and a serious medical emergency. 


The Danger of Long-term Use 

Long term use of THC edibles carries a risk of psychosis, a mental condition that causes the victim to lose touch with reality. It is manifested in disordered thinking and hallucinations. Some sufferers become emotionally flat and unresponsive. 

Studies on THC edibles are ongoing; however, the available evidence indicates that caution is needed in their use. 

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