What are the Common forms of eating disorders?

An eating disorder is any condition of poor eating habits resulting from either physiological torture or poor body functioning. Naturally, many people suffer from this condition unknowingly while some suffer silently. Should this be a normal life condition anymore? Say No with THC for eating disorders for your healthy lifestyle.

Common forms of eating disorders

Anorexia nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that mostly affects young adults. It expresses itself when someone feels unnecessarily overweight which leads to restricted eating habits. 

Some of the common signs are fear of adding weight even when some are underweighted, a deformed body image resulting from thoughts that one is overweight and restricted eating patterns.

Binge disorder

This is the most common eating disorder among teenagers that results in a tendency of eating large amounts of food yet in a short time, especially during binges.

Other forms of disorders include Bulimia nervosa, Pica, Rumination Disorder, restricted intake disorder, night eating syndrome, purging disorder and eating disorder.

The general symptoms include;

Regular feelings of weight loss even when there is normality, and restrictions on certain foods.

Experiencing mood swings and being selective in the kind of foods one eats.

Why THC is a formidable solution for eating disorders

THC is a chemical component of marijuana that research has provided. According to the research reports, the medical use of THC serves to retain normal eating habits completely. THC for eating disorders thus ranks the foremost.

Ways in which THC deal with eating disorders

Medical exposure to THC regulates one’s body- weight hence building confidence in the victim. This can be done according to one’s wish and to the extent, that one requires body regulations.

The research results indicate that medical components of marijuana; CB1 and CB2 enhance food uptake which serves to restore the poor conditions accumulated during the disorder. 

The THC substance also regulates leptin levels and stimulates the release of anandamide which serves to stimulate appetite.

Misconceptions about eating disorders

Most people believe that eating disorders cannot be treated. Instead, they continue behaving in such a way that reduces stigma instead of seeking medical solutions. 

Some feel that poor eating habit is a normal condition. This belief makes them feel bolder to continue having this condition.

The most common misconception is the belief that marijuana cannot be used as a medical solution to this disorder. THC for eating disorders is the best.


The use of THC for eating disorders is only for medical use or subject to approval by medical practitioners. Hence, one should not take advantage as a reason for abusing Marijuana since its use is much detrimental to one’s health.

In conclusion, research is intensifying concerning the use of THC as the most viable way to heal eating disorders. For further guidance, seek medical professionals.

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