The Biggest Lies About Top Strains of Sativa

Given how results, medical studies, and empirical evidence in favor of Sativa legalization continue to flood in, the lies, misconceptions, and deceptions that surround it continues.

Several organizations have sponsored propaganda campaigns on war against Sativa. Here are some of the biggest lies about the top strains of Sativa:

Sativa Strains Are Addictive 

Where Sativa prohibitionists say it is addictive and thus unhealthy, they assume that their audience will think that it is ‘physically’ addictive as cocaine or alcohol, not as coffee or Money Heist is ‘psychologically’ addictive.

In short, illegal and physically addictive substances can be much more dangerous as they can lead to severe withdrawal effects while consumers are trying to leave. Meth, heroin, or cocaine addict’s compulsion, for instance, may control his body and mind to do things that are normally unimaginable; that could include crime or abuse.

Since Sativa strains are not addictive in physical terms, there are no such consequences. Sativa can be psychologically addictive only, as chocolate can be. However, its consumers never want to pose a threat to society and never have any redundancy, and thus never need hospital detox.

Sativa Strains Make You Lazy 

Almost everybody can feel uncomfortable or lazy at points, especially when they try to look for ways to relax at the end of a long and difficult day. Yet Sativa strains don’t make you feel lazy. In certain cases, you’ve got an ethos of work inside you, and either you are lazy or not.

In general, it does not affect your motivation at all. In reality, it’s a pretty good way to concentrate on something in some ways. However, no study has ever found an established link between the consumption of Sativa and lack of motivation.

Cause Memory Damages  

One of the most common misconceptions about Sativa strains is that they make people forget quickly.

The fact is, however, that Sativa has not demonstrated substantial long-term effects on memory for adult consumers. Furthermore, the ability of one to remember current memories (even under influences) has never shown to be affected.

People who frequently use the top strains of Sativa are less probable to experience difficulties encoding new memories or recalling short-term memories when they are under influence.

Sativa Strains Cause Heart Attacks 

One of the great lies which has recently gained popularity is that Sativa strains are not healthy for your heart and can cause death among youth and medium-age users.

In reality, a major study has been conducted by an academic research team with more than 5,000 respondents for over 25 years, and found that “cumulative lifetime and recent cannabis usage did not indicate any correlation of cardiovascular disease (CVDs), strokes, ischemic attacks, or cardiac disease.”

Sativa Strains Increase Crime 

The truth on cannabis tells a different story, contrary to the expectations of sessions and other propagandists in the drug war. Nonetheless, according to one report, certain crimes, including violent crimes, can be minimized by the use of top strains of Sativa.

It was certainly not found that medical marijuana laws would exacerbate any of the seven types of crime. We also found that their use contributes to a decrease in murders and assaults.


Most often, war on drug campaigners tries their best to make sure that the audience will believe that top strains of Sativa have only negative impacts on consumers. Of course not! Sativa has several medical benefits to the consumers, which the war-on-drug propagandists do not want to talk about.