History Of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are also known as cannabis-infused foods They are basically foods which contain cannabinoid contents which are found in Cannabis Sativa(marijuana). These edibles include drinks which also contain cannabinoids and are most referred to as cannabis-infused drinks. Most of these edibles contain amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol which usually have a wide range of effects when consumed. These effects include anxiety, relaxation, increased appetite and many more others. Edibles which contain small contents of tetrahydrocannabinols are commonly used for medical purposes.


Cannabis -infused foods and drinks are mostly linked with Indians. They in larger amounts prepare foods and drinks with bhang for medical and spiritual purposes. These edibles are prepared with cannabis contents and distributed during festivals and remarkable occasions in their culture.

Not only in India where cannabis is used but also in the US where they have legalized the use of bhang in various states. Due to this reason, cannabis edibles have experienced a phenomenal increase in sales in the market. However, this has posed danger to the people in the regions especially children and inexperienced cannabis consumers. This has led to the government taking strict measures on the cannabis contents on these edibles and also on age brackets among the cannabis-edible consumers.

Types of cannabis edibles 

There are varieties of cannabis edibles available in the market both locally and international. Companies have embarked to manufacturing these goods to make money and satisfy the interests of their customers. These are some of the cannabis-infused products.

Baked good 

This is the most common type of cannabis-infused good. They include hash cookies,space cakes and brownies. They are in large quantities available in markets both local and international. It may not be able one to differentiate those which contain cannabinoids and those which are regularly baked because all of them tend to exhibit the same shapes and colour. However, cannabis flavor can be detectable if they are baked with sufficient cannabis contents.


There are drinks made with cannabis flavor with small contents of cannabinoids. These drinks are commonly made for recreational purposes as opposed to medical. Like for the US states, they allow drinks which do not exceed 4% cannabinoids contents. These drinks come in the form of brews. Sodas, tea and many more.


These are mostly prepared for medical use and are made with smaller contents of tetrahydrocannabinols which is allowed by medical practitioners. However, there are also cannabis capsules made with larger contents of cannabinoids that are generally used for recreational purposes. These have the same effects as the cannabis-infused foods and drinks.


Cannabis oils are mostly used by medical cannabis patients. Cannabinoids are mixed with hot heated oil  to make these cooking oils which are used in various cooking applications.


Rather than Cannabis Sativa used as a drug in most countries, there are some which have embarked on preparing medical products and recreational goods. Cannabis edibles are available in markets and are authorized for use as per the prescription by medical consultants.

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