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Top things to do on Sullivan’s island

Top things to do on Sullivan’s island
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If you are looking for amazing places in Charleston, of course, the tours and attractions in Sullivan’s Island are really wonderful to view. There are plenty of blossoming gardens, lots of photographic opportunities and also several reasons to come back this place again and again for every year during vacation. Probably, the Sullivan’s island is a must-see destination for the Charleston visitors. This excellent beachfront town can be proved that the entire best things come in minimum packages. Once you visit this wonderful beach town, you must definitely enjoy the Sullivan’s island activities without even missing it. Particularly, this Island is most famous for its tasty restaurants, boasts beaches, unique shops and malls plus a vibrant history. Along with this, you can also find the crowd of rental properties for vacation.

Actually, the Sullivan’s Island is greatly recognized as one of the most beautiful of all among beaches available in the low country. From the fall to spring season, this island is quaint as well as sleepy beach group, where you may view the beach goer or occasional dog walker for every two hundred years. At the moment of temperature increases to 70 degrees in Charleston, the strong spring winds bring the local surfers gather to the beach, kite boarders from all along the coast and also the narrow streets of Sullivan’s Island is crowded with beach cruisers, skate boarders and cars. When you are visiting this island at first time, it could be a little bit dispiriting for you; because it has a gigantic beach with room for all. You should thrash the crowds and also avoid any stressful situations, which may destroy your beach feelings.

Enjoy the funny activities in Sullivan’s island, Charleston

Sullivan’s island lighthouseThe Sullivan’s Island had many beaches with no commercialization. However, this island is most popular of three beaches among the local visitors and residents who need to avoid the crowds. Here, there are no public rest rooms and also the alcohol is strictly prohibited. There are some huge best local restaurants and bars available. Parking is here limited only, so it might be an issue during beach season. So, the visitors can park their vehicles wherever they find a place in the Sullivan’s streets. Some of the memorable Sullivan’s island activities are given below:

Sullivan’s island lighthouse

It is commonly called as Charleston light, which carries a different title in the Carolina lighthouse. Of course, the Sullivan’s island lighthouse is one of the modern lighthouses in the country. Its slim structure and unique triangular shape is divided into two white and black color blocks. Surely, this destination is very hard to miss after seeing and also a unique local landmark that flit around more than the beach scene.

Fort MoultrieFort Moultrie

The Fort Moultrie is one of the traditional still-standing forts along the Eastern Seaboard. Definitely, this is a must-seeing place in Charleston for the history manilas. The low laying coastal construction covers a big parcel of Atlantic Ocean situating beaches on the Southern tip of the Sullivan’s island. If you are a beach-going visitor, this is a most famous local attraction for you.

Riley Waterfront Park

Absolutely, this is a wonderful place for picnics and lounging. It is marvelous to enjoy the sea breeze while rocking in the swings in a park. This riley Waterfront park is just breath taking and sit out for more hours to get relax as well as its cool breeze is awesome.

Overall, the Sullivan’s island is a most beautiful place to visit with the stunning views. Let you visit this nice place and enjoyed a lot.