the Rules

We know you hate it…but we have to have them!

Bed Design

  • Beds must measure at least 3 feet by 6 feet, but no more than 6 feet by 8 feet – handles included.
  • Beds must include a mattress.  Pads do not qualify.
  • Beds must be designed with four functional wheels making contact with the road surface at all times.  NO motors or mechanical assistance is allowed, especially nitrous or rocket systems!
  • All beds will be inspected prior to racing for safety and/or mechanical issues.

Racing Teams

  • Racing teams shall consist of one rider and four runners/pushers.
  • Racers must be 18 years of age or older to participate.


  • All bed racers MUST sign the Waiver of Liability and acknowledgement of the Bed Race Rules and Regulations before participating in the race.
  • Theme or costume attire is strongly encouraged; however, you must be attired!
  • All runners/pushers should wear athletic shoes suitable for street running.

During the Race

  • Bed riders mush sit or lay flat on the bed – remember, this is not a surfing competition!
  • All runners/pushers must be in control of their bed until it comes to a complete stop.
  • Teams should not interfere or impede the progress of an opposing team.


  • Awards will be given to the teams with the fastest times.
  • All team times will be combined and a trophy (and bragging rights!) will be given to the overall fastest teams in three categories: Corporate, Student, and Open.
  • Additional awards will also be given for the following:
    • Golden Spirit Award – Best Bed Design
    • Most Outrageous Bed
    • Broken Spring Award, a.k.a. “the What Were You Thinking Award”
    • People’s Choice Award