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Amazing information about bed racing rules

Amazing information about bed racing rules
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The sport of the bed racing could be embraced by people of North Yorkshire town of Knaresborough. The first bed race happened in the year of 1965 which was only open to American marines, Navy and Army but now this racing is open to anyone. Competitors race in the team of six members plus one on bed. Each team must have own bed and decorated in theme for year. Bed runs on 4 wheels and it must be able to float.

To know about rules for bed racing

Your bed racing must be at least larger or twin size mattress and it might not be higher than eight feet. If you are planning to participate in racing then you can follow some bed racing rules such as:

  • Team must use only man power and no mechanics or motors allowed
  • It must have four wheels and all 4 wheel should contact with ground at finish line
  • Team member should wear closed toed shoes
  • Rider can ride on bed for entire heat and all pushers must contact with bed

You must remember one thing; bed might be raced foot first and it could be not pulled with the chains or ropes. Bed race could be held at civic field parking lot in Bellingham. Award could be given for best theme bed that is chosen by audience, fastest bed and most funds could be raised. Every race team must stay at their lane throughout race and one team must not interfere another team. Suppose you interferes another team then you disqualified for this racing. Each team provides contact details and name of two adult marshals at time of the application for taking part in bed race. The runner and bed should be decorated to published theme of year. Running team could be made of either 6 females, 6 males or mixed of three male and three female plus one passenger. No substitutions are allowed during race. During the bed race, all beds should keep too left until and unless overtaking or at request of race. You must to complete team detail sheet for showing any change from original entry form. Detail sheet could be issued team in team pack and it should be handed into scrutineers on day. Decorated bed might not exceed two meters in width, three meters in height and four meters in width. Before start of the bed race, decorations must not be removed from bed.

rules for bed racing

Effective information about bed race

All beds should be passed and examined by scrutineers prior to start of race. No rope is attached to rear of bed. Bed could be inspected more than one time so you must not tie knots or loops after original scrutineering. Before you plan to participate in the bed race, you must to know about rules. If you are planning to participate in the bed racing then you must have certain things such as bed decorate in theme for year, helmet for passenger, lifejacket for passenger and audible air horn or hooter.