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What is the bed race and find some significant rules?

What is the bed race and find some significant rules?
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A bed racing is currently the most popular sports followed by many people in the different countries in order to have more fun and pleasure. It is not the new concept of game in the sports industry because it has been there for more than 50 years. Usually in the bed racing, there are totally 6 competitors in the team plus one person on the bed. Each team should have to bring your own bed decorated with the theme of the current year. The bed in the race usually runs on the 4 wheels but also has to be able to float.

Why bed racing?

bed racingBed race is always a greater fun event idea which will also raise more real money for your particular cause. Lots of countries and states give their support to the bed racing to collect money for the charity events or to do the different important things. The following are some of the essential ideas you should consider while participating in the bed race. They include,

  • You should have multiple numbers of categories such as student, corporate, open and more.
  • Aware different trophies such as wackiest, fastest, best uniforms, best theme, people’s choice and etc.
  • It is better holding a parade of all the available bed racing teams before starting the competition.
  • Use a bed race tournament bracket with the quarter finals, heats, semi-finals and also championship bed races.

General rules for bed race:

Each team in the bed race should have 5 to 6 people in a team alone with 1 rider on the bed and 1 alternate to begin a competition. A rider on the bed should have to wear a helmet for the safety purpose. All the beds have to be decorated as per the tea. The race course is about 1/8th of a mile so first the two beds will start a race at once for the trail time. Then, all the beds are getting into the competition to find which reaches the ending point at first.

Any size wheels at the bottom of your bed are permitted to use. All the competitors should also have to remember that no breaking devices and steering devices allowed in the bed racing. You should push the bed only during the race and don’t pull it. All the members in a team must pass an area and finish the line with the bed to win a game.